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3XR is connecting the spatial web with digital tokens, just like web pages connected the web, by innovating at the intersection of Web3 and WebXR by building products that enable the creation of spaces with direct access to digital economies via Web3 primitives (non-fungible and fungible tokens and decentralized autonomous organization).

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Mintbase is a toolkit that allows anyone to create Non-Fungible tokens (NFTs) without worrying about technical complexities.

At Mintbase I've been working as a software engineer and doing a bit of everything from fullstack development to leading the product.

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Aura Studios

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Aura was founded by two creative engineers that shared a profound love for emerging technologies. Our goal is to create one relevant XR (AR/VR) portuguese development studio.

Since its inception, we were able to create and ship multiple marketplace-listed products with tens of thousands hours of gameplay.

At Aura I have been involved in... everything. We are a small bootstrapped team of two who managed to accomplish many things over the last year and a half.

I have developed expertise in conceptualizing, developing and publishing VR products such as Arrows, Color Balls and Math Master, among other smaller experiences (mostly WebXR).

Aura Studios became an Oculus Start member in November 2019.

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Wonderleap is the best monetization toolkit for creators of free WebXR and XR experiences. Think of it as the AdMob for XR. Wonderleap has worked with many VR game industry leaders: from the creators of Angry Birds VR to Pokerstars.

I joined Wonderleap with the goal of expanding its market by building solutions for the native market (Unity/Unreal).

I lead the development of Wonderleap's Unity SDK. This SDK allowed developers to very easily place ads on their VR/AR apps and games.

As a way to understand and feel the pulse of the native market, I created and developed Radar - the first SideQuest app tracker. SideQuest is currently the biggest marketplace for free VR native apps & games.

I have also developed the frontend for the Advertiser Portal. The dashboard that lets advertisers create ads, campaigns and associate payment details.

Wonderleap is actively working on making itself fundamentally different from today’s ad networks by making all user tracking data completely owned by our advertisers and encrypted end-to-end.

In that regards, I have researched and developed a PoC for decentralizing an ad network using the NFTs (ERC721), Ethereum blockchain and IPFS.

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HODL is a 40k+ five star rated mobile app with millions of downloads that serves 100k active users each month with real-time crypto currency prices & charts from all exchanges, tweets & news from all sources. HODL's goal is to make well-informed crypto investing easy for everyone.

I joined HODL as fullstack engineer with the goal of expanding and maintaing both frontend and backend features.

I lead the development and integration of HODL's Twitter-like social network with the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS. The goal was to expose permanently some of our user actions, believing it would lead to a more responsible and accountable behaviour.

My work allowed HODL to generate 20k Ethereum wallets. You can read HODL's smart contract and simply reconstruct 1.5 years of thousands of posts from the social network database stored through IPFS.

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